Here are a handful of comments and testimonials from several of our current clients. We continually invite comments and suggestions for improvement via our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and other regular surveys.


‘Dear Richard, I would like to let you know that I really appreciate the care you have given me over the years, we don't let people know, I feel, when they have made such a difference to someone's life. Your professionalism and genuine care goes a long way to keeping my loyalty to the Hearing Care Centre, nothing ever seems to be too much trouble and together with Sharon and Toni on reception, who are every cheerful and welcoming, it is just a pleasure to step inside the door. My very best wishes to you all for a very happy Christmas.

Mrs M. Welch, Little Clacton


Thank you for your excellent service. What a great difference and much improved quality of life I have now gained, hearing wise. Well worth every penny!’
Mr P. Barnes, Colchester


‘I wish to give grateful thanks to your team for the time and dedication, enthusiasm and pleasure in matching the best hearing aid for me. I am hearing sounds that have been missing from my world for years. Thank you!’
Mrs P. Toulson, Colchester


'After my disappointment with an NHS hearing aid, it has been a joy and relief to finally have aids that are easy to use and work well in every situation. Friends don't even realise I have them in!'
Mrs R. Evans, Chelmsford


'You seem to have the whole package right - professional, personal and administrative. I wish I had come to you years ago.’
Mrs C. Gale, Little Wigborough, Colchester


'As always the service and professionalism of the staff

is first class. I wont hesitate in recommending your

services to all my friends.'

Mr A. Dadds, Colchester




Our client, Michael Sommerlad, has enjoyed great success as an athlete in later life, helped also by great advances in hearing aid technology. Here he shares his story:

"I was unlucky enough to be born with only one ear. I do not remember being unduly inconvenienced in my youth and it was not until my mid-fifties that increasing deafness became a problem. I consulted with Vicki Skeels at The Hearing Care Centre, just in time to enjoy the new digital systems. 

Shortly after this, my doctor suggested more exercise, so I took up jogging and, rather foolishly, entered the ballot for the London Marathon. Two months before my seventieth birthday and seriously under-trained, I ‘ran’ my first race, wearing my new CIC aid.

Eventually I needed a more powerful behind-the-ear model, but the disadvantage was more wind noise and problems when racing in the rain. Vicki helped me solve this with a waterproof cover for the aid and security cord attached to my collar.

My next aid was by Phonak, which came into its own when I was persuaded to try my luck at a duathlon. Changing from run to bike and back again involves a hasty change of shoes and helmet, with the risk of dislodging the aid. But the ear mould fitted so well that I raced without the safety chain. My performance qualified me for the 80+ age group in the Great Britain Team World Championships in France. Wearing a GB tracksuit and kit so soon after the London Olympics was sufficiently inspiring and I came second in my age group, winning the silver medal.  It was an experience that I did not think could be beaten.

But it was. In 2014 I found myself in the team for the World Championships at Pontevedra in Spain. After a recent operation on my ear drum, I was told it would now be possible to wear a small, water resistant Phonak ear mould that fitted deep into the canal, eliminating all wind noise.

I have never worried much about appearances because I have grown up with an evident disability, but this new aid and mould is so small that it is only seen by people behind me. When I stood on the rostrum as gold medal World Champion, I could not see the end of the roaring crowd but I could certainly hear the applause - and nobody in that crowd could have seen that I was wearing a hearing aid. Over many years Vicki and her team have gone out their way to help me with my difficulties and I am very grateful."



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"I am hearing sounds that have been missing from my world for years. . ."


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